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When you work with Stimulating Success, you benefit from the experience, insights, and expertise from our entire team. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic, innovative, accountable, strategic planning and organizational development services. 



Through our weekly strategy meetings we are able to connect and deliver effective short-term and long term development plans that will allow you to reach your desired results. We guide our clients to connect with donors that best fit their mission and establish strong relationships for a successful partnership. In our portfolio, we have helped develop and execute a wide range of events, initiatives, and campaigns. From our research, communication with our clients, and constant learning, we deliver sustainable plans and strategies that benefit our client’s mission and goals. 


Digital Fundraising 

Our team is constructed of digital marketing creators that specialize in fundraising and content marketing. With years of experience utilizing social media and online fundraising tools, our team has launched multiple online campaigns, website improvements to increase donations, and increased our client’s followers’ social media engagement. With the usage of analytical data and constant feedback, we generate new techniques to help our clients achieve preeminent results. Additionally, we educate our clients on social media techniques that will bring the most engagement while helping them build online relationships with their community and donors.


Relationship Management

We understand how critical relationship management is for the success of your organization. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect and truly convey our client’s message to the right individuals. We implement innovative ideas to attract targeted audiences and we provide development strategies on sustaining the loyalty of their current members. We provide techniques and coaching on how to establish relationships with donors. We help our clients improve their marketing, communication, and engagement within the company, communities, and donors. We believe an organization’s success depends on their availability to build strong connections within its members and donors–  this is our main priority when working with our clients. 


Grant Services

Our team prioritizes researching and analyzing grants to ensure that our clients have a strong match with the funders and are able to develop meaningful partnerships. Our grant services include:


  • Searching for grants and funders

  • Proposal Development

  • Technical Assistance

  • Grant Management and Compliance

*Stimulating Success LLC does not accept payment by commission, nor can payment be taken from a grant award.

Fundraising Campaigns 

When it comes to fundraising campaigns, our team organizes equitable programs that shine light and convey the message of our clients. We specialize in annual events, notable giving days, and digital fundraising. We design captivating campaigns to accomplish your organizational goals. Furthermore, we make recommendations and prepare our clients on realistic and effective campaigns that will deliver results.


Strategic Planning 

We help our clients grow and transform their business by reimagining their strategy and organizational culture. In this planning process, we consider what makes their business unique and use that to create a competitive advantage. We approach obstacles from all angles and develop a holistic view to move the business forward.

To achieve high-performance culture, we help ensure that the company's purpose, strategy, and culture are closely interconnected.  

Business Coaching

We believe in the importance of a strong foundation in order for an organization to thrive. A strong leader builds and accelerates the organization’s learning ability, deepens trust and collaboration among peers and across the organization, and drives individual learning responsibility for learning and personal growth. We mentor our clients in improving their leadership skills and becoming executors that constantly improve and transform their companies. Through workshops, weekly strategy meetings, and mentorship we provide our clients with the tools they need to become successful organizational leaders and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability 

It’s our goal to help your organization co-create an equitable and regenerative future for your customers, communities, and stakeholders. Whether it be increasing renewable energy footprint in your operations or ensuring that your social justice commitments and philanthropic support of underserved communities at home and around the world. We’re here to help accelerate your ambitions and drive for additional change that is good for all.


Our CSR and Sustainability consulting will help your organization through the following areas:

  • Visibility

  • Innovation 

  • Strategy

  • Program management 

  • Communication


Wellbeing And Inclusion

We know that producing social change within companies can be challenging, that’s why we are obsessed with helping organizations at all levels—  learn how to build and run more effective, inclusive and wellbeing organizations so that they can get better results. Our Wellbeing and inclusion services include:

  1. Developing and Implementing a comprehensive plan to help your organization embody a culture of wellbeing and inclusion.

  2. Further integrate wellbeing and inclusion principles into your organization culture and operations.

  3. Identify, design, and facilitate educational and training opportunities/strategic conversations organization-wide.

A La Carte Services 

Managing the day-to-day activities of your organization can become a bit tedious. If you need some extra hands to close the loop on a project, we're here to help you thrive.

  • Grant Project Support

  • Grant Reporting Support

  • Development Projects

  • Ad-hoc hourly consulting 

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